The Other Half

10-Year Club

If this coming The Other Half is or will be your tenth year, you will be eligible for the Ten Year Club. Members receive a guarantee entry to all subsequent The Other Half races, $5 off regsitration and are treated to a special recognition at the awards ceremony.

The fine print:

  1. Applications must be received by May 1st to be eligible for the upcoming race.
  2. The guaranteed entry is for the eligible person only; sorry no family members/friends can use the guarantee.
  3. The guaranteed entry is not transferable.
  4. There will be a one time non refundable administrative fee of $10 to apply to the 10 year club. If you are confirmed as eligible for the 10 year club, $5 of this fee will go towards your entry.
  5. Once you apply, even if you are not eligible, your record will be saved and when you have completed race number 9, you will be eligible. You will not need to reapply for the 10 Year Club.
  6. All decisions are final.
  7. You will be sent an email notifying your status after your application has been processed.

Guarantee Entry emails will be sent out in early March when registration opens.  If you have not received your Ten Year Club GE email, please contact us with your current email address.

How To Apply

Download this PDF form. Fill out the form completely and accurately. Any errors on this form may prevent us from confirming your eligibility. You may send in this form via mail with a check or you may send it to us via email at and complete payment here with a credit card.