Thelma & Louise Half Marathon & Relay

Relay Information

The Thelma & Louise Relay consists of 2 team members, each of whom will run 6.55 miles of the half marathon course. Each participant must complete her own registration.


Fees: Entry fee for each relay participant includes boat shuttle on the Colorardo River, short sleeve technical shirt, unique belt buckle finisher medal, timing chip, delicious post-race refreshments, beer from one of Utah’s outstanding microbreweries, reusable bag, and the opportunity to run through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country-traffic free!


Relay Logistics: The first team member will start with the half marathon participants at 6:00 and cover the first half of the course. The exchange point is located at the half marathon turnaround. The second team member will leave via boat shuttle at 6:05 from the finish staging area. The ride will take approximately 15 minutes and the participants will be dropped off at the exchange point. The first team member will give her wrist bracelet to her team member, at which point the second member may leave the transition area. The first runner will be shuttled via boat back to the finish staging area. The shuttle will leave the exchange area approximately 75 minutes after the race start. The second team member may take their partner’s gear bag to the exchange point. There will be portable toilets, water, Gatorade Endurance Formula and fruit at the exchange area.

Time Limit: The cutoff time for the first relay runner is 1 hour 15 minutes (11 minute 27 second per mile pace). Due to shuttle timing, the person running the first leg does not make it to the exchange point by the cutoff time, they will need to wait for the half marathon sweep vehicle for a ride back (vehicle will return to finish 3.5 hours after race start). Overall team cutoff time is 3.5 hours after race start.